my writings

in here you'll find my writings of the past few years. some of the texts are in english, but some are in portuguese.

these texts are different from blog entries because they're texts where I've tried to express something I was feeling or thinking about. they're not about my daily life, but rather the bizarre stuff that goes through my head from time to time.

CONTENT WARNING: I may swear and I talk a lot about topics such as depression, grief, suicide ideation and psychosis.

Chumbo Pt. II (Lead Pt. II)
On my lack of writing, feelings of loss and emotional masochism. IN PORTUGUESE
It was no accident
On remembering old texts and finding myself in other people. IN PORTUGUESE
On being torn between two options and feeling like no outcome will come true anyways. IN PORTUGUESE
Algures (Somewhere)
On always being there for other people, but never for myself. IN PORTUGUESE
Detachment is beautiful
On feeling stuck and unable to manifest, but finding comfort in loss. IN PORTUGUESE
On chronic suicide ideation, finding solace in love. IN PORTUGUESE
Navy blue
Longing for a (seemingly) lost lover
Blow your trumpets, Gabriel
On failed attempts to run from past pains
IV of Swords
On feeling stuck
G-d is Pressure pt. II
On something. I guess.
Escape plan
On depression creeping in
Growing on You
On feeling delusional