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Hi! You've arrived at vanillamoth, Maria's personal neocities page! In here you'll find a bunch of random stuff, such as the things I enjoy listening to, the works I've been reading, et cetera. You can check all of this clicking on the Personal tab below.

The most original content I have to offer at the moment are my own writings, but some of the texts are in Portuguese. I plan on translating them someday. I am an adult woman so this website may contain mature content, so beware the content warnings.

Please, feel free to explore by navigating the menu below. Bear in mind, though, that this site is a work in progress, so not every page may look nice or have relevant content.

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To do list

  • Update links page with some pages I enjoy visiting
  • Reading list page
  • Adopt some pixels to put on the toybox page
  • Add Damnation (Opeth) to music page
  • Magick quotes page
  • Television page
  • New button

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