This is a page dedicated to the television media I enjoy and consider my favorites. I don't have a lot of opinions other than "wow, I like it", so don't expect essays on the things I like. I'm just gonna talk a little about the things that I enjoy and that's it.

Doctor Who

Ok, so this is probably my favorite series. I started watching it back in 2014, right before the college entrance exame, 'cause I was nervous and I knew there was nothing else I could do to increase my chances of getting in, so I decided to just binge watch something. It was love at first episode. I started watching the 2005 series, so my first episode was, indeed, Rose. I knew I was in for a good time when the trash bin swallowed Mickey. Anyway, the show didn't take too long to grow a lot on me and it's been my favorite since then. I haven't watched much of classic Who, but I intend to, someday. My favorite Doctor is the 11th, portrayed by Matt Smith. I really love how his Doctor is dreamy and full of anger at the same time. Quite like me.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Oh boy, why did I take so long to watch this amazing masterpiece?! Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has litterally changed my life. It put so much in perspective to me, it was a tough watch sometimes, but I enjoyed every second of it. It was also my "it seems I like musicals" awakening, 'cause prior to this series I didn't really care so much about music theater, but seeing Rebecca's passion reminded me of my own passion for music and performance, so it only made sense that I enjoyed musicals. Anyway, this show is quite heavy on mental health subjects, so approach with caution, and don't let the title fool you: it's not just some dumb show about a crazy ex-girlfriend. It's an AMAZING show about a mentally ill woman who had her own mental health neglected for quite too long and expected to find happiness in romantic relationships, without realizing she's the end goal. (btw sorry I just have to mention I'm #teamNathaniel).